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Why Not Work From Home?

Did you know that you are endowed with truly unique talents and abilities which you should ideally detect, hone and use to serve the mankind with – only then will you be truly fulfilled and happy individual. So where do you start? Well, start here and now for if you postpone it until later, chances are you will never get to it, so start now! Resolve to change your thinking hence, your life.
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Millions of people worldwide are dreaming of making a living from the comfort of their homes. There’s a certain appeal to the idea of not having to wake up at dawn, dress up, fight the morning traffic, deal with unruly or controlling boss, do mundane work and fight the evening traffic back home – all the while being away from family and the loved ones. There’s got to be a better and easier way to make a living, isn’t there?

Well, there is! Making a living the conventional way is not the only way, far from it. It is however, the only possible way for great majority of the world population simply because they weren’t taught otherwise. The advancements in technology and communication have created vast opportunities to reach millions of people – potential clients – worldwide from anywhere in the world, which could essentially be your home.

So how do you go about it and what can you really offer to those millions of potential clients scattered all over the world? You can offer more than you may think. If you are already employed chances are you’ve developed various skills necessary to do your daily work and do it well  – in addition, you, like any other individual that’s ever lived have come into this world fully equipped with innate talents and abilities, which you may or may have not already discovered and honed over the years. Either way, you’ve got a powerful arsenal of skills, knowledge and experience to offer to the world.

But how do you go about it and where do you start? Start where you currently are regardless of whether or not you’re employed at present, for you are about to be anyway. The first thing you ought to do is self-assessment or self-inventory wherein you assess your skills, abilities and experience you’ve gained over the years – do a Self-SWOT analysis. You’ll be surprised how capable you truly are and how much you can offer to the world populace.

Next, look deep inside yourself and be completely honest as to what are the things that make you truly happy – what would you do for the rest of your life if the money was not an object? This is important because if you were to match your passion with strengths you’d be more likely to excel at your home based business you’re about to embark on. If however your passion does not align with strengths, don’t beat yourself up for you can still achieve enviable success in due time.

After you’ve done your due diligence and know with certainty what services i.e., accounting, blogging, translation, graphic/web design etc. to offer to clients at large, select the most adequate freelancing platform which you’ll use as your virtual base on which to showcase your skills, experience, references and interact with prospects and clients. While all of them help connect freelancers and clients in seamless fashion, freelancing platforms vary to great extent in their business models, look and feel, user experience, quality of clients, cost associated with using it etc.

So depending on your needs, priorities and objectives as self-employed freelancer, your decision about what freelancing platform to choose and ultimately use will depend on various factors but will eventually come down to selecting quantity over quality freelancing platform such as Freelancer or quality over quantity freelancing platform such as Parttimerz. In other words, Freelancer operates on a principle of competitive bidding where the freelancers with the lowest hourly rates win most business, wherein the case of Parttimerz the highest quality and most valuable freelancers win the most business.

So there you have it, now that you know how to go about making the living working from home, the choice is yours as to what approach to take and freelancing platform to choose. Whatever your choice may be, enjoy working from home.


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