"Who the hell is your boss to tell you how much you're worth?" - Dzenan Skulj
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If you’re a black sheep, a true rebel who refuses to accept the world as is and wants to leave a dent in the universe, this blog is for you, so stick around…if you do, I’ll work with you personally to get your next business idea or a startup off the ground and on to the next level, you got my word.

My name is Dzenan Skulj and I’m a serial entrepreneur with passion for startups, entrepreneurship, freelancing and self-development. I’m a outspoken proponent of personal freedom and deeply committed to helping entrepreneurs and professional freelancers take charge of their lives and achieve their dreams…no matter how wild or crazy them may seem.

In fact if your dream doesn’t scare you and makes your mother think you’re totally crazy, than you ought to come up with a new dream.  

With nearly two decades of  entrepreneurship and active involvement in professional freelancing and gig economy, during which time I’ve achieved enviable success and had a few failures which I’ve learned from a lot, I feel compelled to share my experience – which you won’t find in any books – and arm you with essential know-how, skills and productivity tools you’ll need as a professional entrepreneur or a freelancer.

I know how difficult and risky starting a business or a freelancing career really is,  which is why I’m dedicated to continuously give you the most relevant – no bullshit – ‘meaty’ content which you can consume and readily put to use.

As a show of my unyielding commitment to entrepreneurs and professional freelancers I’ve built the state-of-the-art freelancing platform where you can either outsource your business needs e.g. blogging, content management, graphic design, web development etc. to European PREMIUM GRADE freelancers or in the case of a professional freelancers, build your own brand and collaborate with some of the most exciting startups and small to medium businesses from across the globe. 

If you like the sound of it, I invite you to ‘test drive’ it and benefit from it…be it as a startup founder who needs stuff done or a professional freelancer.

Meanwhile, read the latest posts on entrepreneurship and freelancing and don’t forget to participate…share your opinions, insights and ask questions. Don’t hold back…fire away!