"Why get a job when you can own a business?" - Dzenan Skulj

Thanks for stopping by. Before you decide whether to stick around and benefit from valuable and captivating content of this meticulously written blog or move away in search of something else, I’d like to share with you the rationale – my BIG why – behind this blog. 

As a serial entrepreneur and student of life in relentless pursuit of enlightenment and utter fulfillment, who’s utterly passionate about and strong proponent of startups, entrepreneurship, freelancing and self-development, I’ve started this blog with intention to  provide insight, inspiration and guidance for freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners, students and everyone who is even remotely interested in freelancing, entrepreneurship, business and making the most of him/herself.

Meanwhile, if you have a question or need help with any of the aforementioned passions of mine, simply drop me a line.