"Why get a job when you can own a business?" - Dzenan Skulj
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Thanks for stopping by. Before you decide whether to stick around and benefit from straight to the point (no bullshit) awesome content on how to start a business or a freelancing career or move away in search of something else, I’d like to share with you the rationale – my BIG why – behind this blog. 

As a serial entrepreneur who’s started five different businesses since the turn of the century of which first three have failed due to none other than lack of persistence or as I like to call it ‘staying power’, I’ve started this blog with intention to share and put to the best possible use lessons learned on my entrepreneurial journey over the past 17 years.

Why do that?

Simply because I’m passionate about startups, entrepreneurship and love people who dare to be different and boldly defy the sinister system. I’m also a very strong proponent of freedom of choice and Gig economy, which is why I’ve founded Parttimerz to help startup founders and small to medium size business owners from across the world find and hire the best in class professional freelancers.

With that in mind, what you can expect to find here is deep insight, inspiration and guidance for entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, students and everyone who is even remotely interested in entrepreneurship, businessfreelancing or self-development.

Finally, as I work closely with wantrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners on anything from idea conceptualization on to MVP, GTM and content strategy among others, don’t be shy to reach out for help if you ever need it.

You can also just say hello or look me up on Twitter.