Guest Blogging

Thanks for checking in! I presuppose you’re reading this because of your interest in writing for my blog. That’s awesome, for I am in a constant search of likeminded people who share my passion for startups, entrepreneurship and freelancing to join me in my quest to enlighten masses and help them detect their innate talents and abilities so that they too can pursue their life’s mission and live the life they’ve always been dreaming of but never thought possible.

With that in mind, I’m currently accepting guest posts from professional bloggers with a proven track record and deep knowledge of startups, entrepreneurship and freelancing. As  my approach to guest blogging might be somewhat different from the one you’re used to, here’s a quick step-by-step guide/prerequisite to help you get started.

1. You are a professional blogger with knack for and deep understanding of startups, entrepreneurship and freelancing.

2. You already have a successful blog which is ranked =< 250,000 by Alexa

3. Your blog features startups, entrepreneurship and freelancing posts

4. Your guest blog posts must feature a reference to Parttimerz freelancing platform and be referenced in a relevant blog post on your blog – blog post could be existing or a new

5. Your guest blog posts mustn’t feature more than one backlink to your blog

6. You’re willing to write blog posts of 500-750 words for $100.00

7. You’ll be hired and paid via Parttimerz freelancing platform hence, need to set up a freelancing account (2 minutes)

To express your interest in guest blogging contact me via Parttimerz once you’re registered as a freelancer.