Guest Blogging

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Thanks for checking in! I guess you’re reading this because you want to join forces with me and help startup founders and entrepreneurs start a business of their dreams.

That’s awesome, for I am in a constant search of like-minded people who share my passion for startups, entrepreneurship and freelancing to join me in my quest to provide valuable insights, guidance and inspiration to entrepreneurs and startup founders and in the process help them start a business they desire.

With that in mind, I’m currently accepting guest posts from professional bloggers with a proven track record and deep knowledge of startups, entrepreneurship and freelancing.

Before you start though,  here are a few things you ought to consider when writing a blog post for my blog:

1. Ideally, you should be a professional blogger with knack for and deep understanding of startups, entrepreneurship and freelancing.

2. Your blog post must be valuable and actionable as much as possible

3. Your blog post must be relevant e.g., startups, entrepreneurship and freelancing

4. Your blog post must we well written and in a similar tone as all other posts on this blog

5. Your blog post mustn’t feature more than one backlink to your blog

6. Your blog post must be longer than 1000 words, ideally between 1500-2000 words

7. Your blog post must be original and not published anywhere else

8. Your blog post should include a brief bio of 200-250 characters

9. Once your blog post is completed and ready for review and publishing give me a shout

P.S. You can also reach me via Parttimerz in case you’re already registered as a freelance blogger.